Friday, May 10, 2019


I have had the privilege of meeting, and getting to know a bit, the owner of 3 cottages in St Ives. I was the happy occupant of two of her cottages these past ten days, and she has shown me a good deal of grace and kindness, making my stay all the sweeter. I have only ever met a cottage owner once before, and that lady was wonderful too. They are another 'layer' of St Ives, people here who go further than required, showing kindness to travelers from far flung spaces.

Today was changeover day and she sent me a text, inviting me to remain in her cottage until my next one became ready. Unheard of! It meant a cozy space in which to write one's book, and boil one's multiple pots of tea, instead of wandering around the town and waiting for 3:30 to come. A layer of kindness.

It's what I see in this town and the surrounding towns, every day. Today I had lost my only pen, and went into the Chemist's shop to buy another. Not seeing pens on the shelves, I went up to the lady who works there and who calls me "My lovelie!" or "My darling!", every time I go in. 

"I would like to buy a pen," I said, after being greeted expansively.

"Pen?" she replied, not certain she had heard me correctly. I said that I had lost mine, and needed another to write postcards to my grandchildren.

"Oh, PEN!" she laughed. "Most important!. Well, we don't sell them here, I'm afraid. But I can lend you mine.."

I deferred, and said, "That's ok. I'll go down to Boots Drugstore and get one."

"Oh no, don't go to Boots! You just take mine, and pop it back by next time you are near. How will that be, my pet?" I said it would be lovely, and she gave me it, and I went on my way, stepping just a little bit lighter. 

Having people be kind to you makes you want to be kind back. Right? One leads to the other. Being nice to mean people isn't as easy. But we are under orders on that, too. It's called loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Binding their wounds, opening our homes, paying for their needs, having mercy on What would happen if we all did that every day? 

It might just change everything.

See you along the Way!
the SconeLady

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