Saturday, May 11, 2019

St Ives Food and Drink Festival

They do it well, here. Food, in all its forms. And drinks too, of course. I didn't try the drinks, but judging from the sound of the noise and the laughter, someone else did. 

Just look at the crowds who came today to see and to eat. It was great. There was Greek food, Barbecue, Brazilian, Mexican, African, Asian street food, home spun crepes, and lots more. I chose a Greek chicken pita with sauces, lettuce, tomato, onions, and spices. The man who made the pita was very talented at it, and although I didn't understand what he was saying, we got along just fine with gestures. 

Instantly afterward, I headed to the crepe tent. You could choose from a sweet crepe or a savory crepe. The sweet crepes came as lemon and sugar, apples and cinnamon, Nutella and banana, or strawberry and cream. The savory choices were things I don't remember now because I wasn't interested enough to notice. But I did want an apple and cinnamon crepe. You can see the crepe chef whipping it up, here. He was so fast that his hands were almost a blur. Each crepe took him less than a minute.

Having placed and received my order, I moved away from the food tents and stood watching other people eat. Not a single person out of all the hundreds standing around, knew me. They hadn't a clue that this American lady was hanging around, watching them while eating an apple and cinnamon crepe. There is something fun about anonymity, don't you think? You'd be surprised at the things you hear.

Suddenly I looked up, and saw a batch of greedy, screeching sea gulls circling above. No one else noticed at first, but I knew we would be in for it if we didn't keep our wits about us. Nearby there stood a flag flapping in the wind, and I dashed over to stand beneath it. This was brilliant, because not one gull hovered over, dove at, or in any way messed with my pita or crepe. Others around me saw the wisdom of this, and began looking for their own flapping flags. It is not often that we find a way to squelch the sea gulls, but we did it today. Three Cheers!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

What I saw along the Coffin Trail today

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