Saturday, May 18, 2019

Faithful Friends All

Tregenna Castle Grounds, St Ives

Standing in front of the Sloop, I squinted down the lane to see if a familiar car might be approaching. If it was, I had to be ready because the stream of cars along that little spot would not stop for me, I was certain of that. It was not a long wait, because a curly white head soon appeared in the driver's seat of a Mercedes, with a pretty dark headed lady next to it. There were smiles and waves as I dashed forward, jumping into the front as quick as a flash. Ted eased back onto the cobbles and off we went. Rosie's hand from the back seat reached silently forward, grasping mine.

Oh, most fortunate me! to be surrounded by goodness in the form of Rosie, Ted, and Em, faithful friends, all. But there was much to do, no time to dilly-dally. We must hasten to the Island car park and purchase a weekly parking pass. Easy, right? NOT! "Purchase your ticket in less than two minutes", the sign said, acting as if their system was flawless and nothing but a piece of cake. But no such two-minute-pieces-of-cake appeared, for the system glitched and rendered itself useless. The two minutes stretched to 30, and then beyond. 

Throughout the process we kept looking at each other, eager to begin the laughter and hugs and properly gushing welcoming statements. It was hard to wait, but the glitches were finally sorted and we finally did park, tripping down the hill with their bags to our awaiting cottage. The holiday had finally begun.

And there was still much to do. We lunched at the Sloop, sitting outside beneath sunny skies. Words literally poured out of us (at least out of two of us), catching-up on all of our absolutely splendid young people. We agreed wholeheartedly that there was not a dud among them! 

During the afternoon we:

-hunted for cottages (!!!)
-moved into our holiday let
-walked up the Stennack
-walked down to welcome our 'Em' from the little St Ives train
-tried to cook a dinner on an Aga that didn't work
-called the Aga people and begged them to fi it
-went instead to dinner on the Wharf
-collapsed onto our beds at midnight.

It was all lovely, apart from the cold Aga and the ticket machine. But we cannot begrudge even those small trifles, for we are together, and surrounded by goodness.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

 Along Steeple Lane

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