Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pasty Maker/Scone Baker

Last year he made pasties to sustain us along the ten mile St Michael's Way. They were hot out of the oven when we picked them up, and it was hard not to dig right in. But we resisted, wrapped them in foil, hiked several miles, then stopped near a "kissing gate" to eat them. That first bite made us thankful for Pengenna Pasties and their splendid pasty maker. His name is Graham.

Remembering those pasties, I stopped by the shop yesterday to see if Graham was there, and if so, perhaps he could whip up a couple scones? He was, and he would! The scones at that moment were on the verge of being kneaded, rolled out, cut, and baked, but they'd be ready at 11:00. At Pengenna Pasties, the scone/pasty work is done right there in the front window so the public can watch. It's lots of fun, and there is an air of smiling professionalism that keeps the customers coming back for more. This means a lot, because there are a TON of bakeries and pasty shops in St Ives. 

When I came back, the smell inside that shop was magnificent, hinting that the scones were ready. I could tell instantly, just by looking, that they were going to score a TEN! He put them into a little box for me along with small pots of jam and cream, and I dashed them back to my cottage and tea kettle. The tea was brewed, the scones reheated a tiny bit, jam and cream were applied, and the first bite taken. I thought I heard a drum roll. And, the SconeLady was right again, dear Readers. The scones were a TEN!! On the outside, they had just the right amount of crisp, and on the inside, they were light and soft. The flavor was lovely, and Graham had sprinkled the tops with just a little bit of caster sugar, which I think I will start doing from now on. I liked it a lot.

Next time you're in St Ives, go find the little Pengenna Pasties shop on the High Street, and place an order. If you can't decide between pasties or scones, ask for some of both. Then stand there and watch, and smell the results. Best of all, eat the results. No need to wait for a "kissing gate", either. Just dig right in.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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