Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Never Say Adder

It's strange, but something I'd never thought possible, actually is. And it is going to give this American lady something to think about as she hikes these blessed hills. Up until today, such a thing would never have entered my mind. Would you like to know what this shocking thing is, dear Readers? 

England has ADDERS in it!

You know. Adders. As in the SNAKE family. I know this because Tony said so, and if Tony says a thing, it must be true. He has seen them. As a walking tour guide, Tony has picked up bits of information from mountains of experience, and sprinkles it liberally on us as we follow along behind. Today we walked the first leg of St Michael Way, from St Uny Church in Lelant to Trencom Hill. We had just passed the West Cornwall Golf Club when, almost as an afterthought, Tony turned around and said, "There are Adders in this thicket." 

He had to be joking, I thought - or I heard him wrong. His accent is Cornish, so maybe it only sounded like he said Adders.

"Did you say...Adders?" I asked plaintively, 

"Yes. It happens when the weather is warm and they decide to slither out and bask." I glanced nervously at the path as he continued. "But when they hear our footfalls they usually slither away." This was not entirely helpful, and I wondered if we should worry just a little bit about things that slither.

"I wouldn't worry about them, though," he said. "I've never been bitten."

We continued on and before very long, I had forgotten about my new knowledge. There was so much more to be amazed by, things that weren't a bit scary - like the beauty all around us, and the funny things each other was saying. There is always a lot of laughter when these particular people find themselves together, under the clear blue sky. 

"Rosie?" I said, as we followed our fearless guide.

"Hmm?" she replied, looking intently at the Spanish Blue Bells (or was it English?) crowding the pathway.

"I think this country is so beautiful and so perfect, that the people in England should be happy every minute of every day. Don't you think so?"

She did think so, then added, "But they like it warm, you know." I knew. But being from a hot climate has cured me of wishing for things like that. I wish for things like this instead.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

(P.S. I flew to Wikipedia on the issue of the Adder. It states that "Adders are not aggressive snakes. They only bite or use their venom as a last resort". Does that help anyone?) 😮😮

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