Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Majestic Mount

I didn't travel out to her this time, wanting to wait and do it with loved ones coming later. But from the shore, St Michael's Mount looked just as majestic as she always has. And the lone paddle-boarder in my frame was fun to watch too. I think he was a learner - up a bit, down a bit. And then in the end he was mostly up! I wanted to shout a congratulations to him. 

I can't think of a lovelier part of the ocean to learn to paddle board on, can you?

Along the way, I peeked inside the most adorable shop in Marazion, called Out Of The Blue, with amazing and beautiful hand made items on offer. Being there always gives one the incredible urge to pull out their credit card. I almost did pull it out, until I remembered that I would be WALKING BACK to Penzance, and could hardly be expected to carry precious pieces of pottery or mirrors or driftwood giraffes. Sigh.

Being hungry, I stopped along the main street in Penzance and pondered whether I should have a proper lunch, or a piece of chocolate cake instead? I quickly voted 'cake', and ordered this delicious looking triple chocolate layer cake from The Front Room. This cafe always has many tempting ones on display, and as I always do, I asked, "Is that chocolate one there going to be moist?" The answer was, as it always is, a baffled "Of course!" (their staff is always very loyal).

So I ordered it, and - although the frosting was delicious, the cake part was (not to put too fine a point on it)... dry. I have heard that the trick is to serve the cake on the day it is baked, and not the day after. I think my mistake has been in coming to the cafes two or three days after their cakes are baked. But as it is almost impossible to know what day a cafe is going to bake its cakes, I have run out of ideas. Let me know if you have any.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Outskirts of Penzance, Tuesday


  1. Chris, have we ever eaten a moist British cake in any of our tries? I've never seen more beautiful looking creations than the British cakes. I think they have a different idea of what a cake is than Americans do. Next time, go for the proper lunch!

  2. is what you do: Eat dry cake with a cup of coffee or tea in hand! Bite-and-sip, and enjoy the heck out of it!!! And have two for me because I am off of SUGAR ... AND REALLY MISS IT!