Saturday, November 21, 2015

From the SconeLady

My dear Readers,

It has been lovely keeping you all updated on the SconeLady's pursuits in Cornwall! Thank you for all of your encouragements along the way, which have meant much to me. Among my fondest memories are 

  • meeting and staying near Falmouth with a lovely Cornish couple
  • meeting and hearing the Mousehole Male Voice Choir
  • enjoying a walking tour with the splendid Tony
  • spending time with friend Rosie and her Ted!
  • enjoying the hospitality and friendship of two delightful Londoners
  • staying in darling cottages which protected me and made me welcome
  • walking along the cliffs of Cornwall
  • attending St Ia Church, St Ives, which also made me welcome
  • dashing out to the Norway Store each morning for a chocolate twist
  • finding Cape Cornwall and being awestruck by its beauty
  • discovering the magnificence of the many Cathedrals of England
  • and much much more!

But I do believe now is a good time to let the SconeLady rest a bit, and to consider focusing mainly on the book I traveled there to finish.

Did I finish? you might ask. A worthy question. If I may borrow a thought from my sister, I can explain it this way: as a seamstress places her fabric on a dress form, pinning those pieces together in harmony until the dress begins to appear, so have I 'pinned' together my book. The important parts are all there; written; loved; and in some cases, finished. Some chapters are where they need to be. Some hover nearby. It will not be too terribly long before the parts become the whole.

So I would like to focus there until the 'dress' is completed and ready to try on. What a day that will be! Sooner, I hope, rather than later. I will stop here from time to time, when something strikes that I believe my dear Readers would like to hear. 

And, in the meantime:

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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