Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cornwall Day 41 - Rad

The last day in Cornwall, that is what this is. Lots of us here in St Ives tonight are finishing up last minute details. Checking our train times. Being sure to take everything out of the cupboards. The cottage itself is in a good condition, already quite tidy. And the refrigerator? It stands empty of all but the milk. One must have milk for the morning. I only hope I remember to do the trash.

It was sweet, this delightfully colorful cottage. Small, 'tis true, but it provided all that was necessary, and more. With Fore Street standing just outside the door! Ah, that is the best.

There is always a church

So there will be another roller bag on cobbled streets, tomorrow. A familiar sound on Friday and Saturday mornings, the proverbial changeover days. I have felt sorry for those bag-draggers these last weeks, but now it is my turn to drag. 

"Heading back, are you?" asked the shop lady.

"Yes, I am. Heading first to London, and then - off over the Pond."

She studied me for a moment. "Canada?" I shook my head. "Umm, California?"

"Yes, that's it," I enthused. "Good guess!" She placed my items into a bag, for it was souvenir day for the SconeLady.

"I would like to live in California," she said, rather wistfully.

"It is lovely, and you would like it. Truly. But you live in a much sweeter environment right here. As I'm sure you've noticed."

But she looked puzzled. "Compared with California? I don't know.."

(It was my turn here to be puzzled.)

She continued."I watch TV - that Kardashian show. It's rad."

I gave her my money, and politely exited the shop. It's strange, but I have thought many thoughts about that 'Kardashian show'. And 'Rad' is definitely NOT one of them.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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