Monday, November 9, 2015

Cornwall Day 38 - Cornish Hospitality

During all of the weeks in Cornwall, I had never yet stepped inside of anyone's home. It was a dear and particular wish to be able to. Who knew what fascinating things one might discover in a Cornish home? But apart from actually going up to an absolute stranger and begging, I didn't see how it could be arranged.

But then there was a sudden invitation! How was I to know that the rather stunning son's darling girl had relatives in deepest Cornwall? Really and truly wonderful relatives who would be really and truly wonderful friends? Two lovely someones, who wanted me to come, not just to visit but to stay the night! I said yes, of course, and planned out my train connections. A new part of Cornwall I had never known before. Splendid!

Coming off the train I could see that an enormous wind was blowing down the tracks, and yet a pretty blond lady stood in it waiting for me. Her smile was endless and welcoming, behind all the blowing blond hair. We walked to the car and saw her husband, less blown but every bit as welcoming. "Come! Let's get you into the car!" he said. "How lovely to meet you.."

And off we went. "We are going to take you on a little drive around to help you get your bearings.." Country lanes, old churches, the Falmouth seafront, and more. It all proved to be stunning, even in a gale. 

Among other things, we then:

  • drove to their cottage for afternoon tea, with a sponge cake that was the absolute last word in sponge cakes
  • somehow got hungry again and went to an ancient Pub with unforgettable food
  • came home to sleep the sleep of the blessed, in the most comfortable bed ever offered
  • tiptoed down the stairs early to toast myself by the AGA! (see the chair?)
  • awoke to a breakfast of muesli with fruit and nuts, poached egg on toast, and fresh coffee
  • somehow got hungry again, and went to a cafe with adorable waitresses who were getting excited for the company party that night
  • drove back to St Ives, talking non stop along the way about (get ready for it) THE ROYALS! It was all utterly satisfying.
Friends with an AGA are the best kind

We reached the entrance to Fore Street at dark, scrambling out of the car before other cars might need to pass. "Got your bags?" "Goodbye! It was lovely meeting you!" "I need your mailing address! "I'll send it!" "Oh dear, a car..."

Toward the harbor front they rolled, I standing and waving, they signaling 'left'. 

There is a lot to be said for really and truly wonderful friends. Who knew what fascinating things one might discover in a Cornish home? 

Now, I know.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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