Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cornwall Day 30 - A Brit's Halloween

It was quite shocking in retrospect, just because it was so unexpected. Well, yes it was Halloween, and, yes the tourists did seem to be dressing up as witches. But I was just slightly surprised by all of the hideous screaming. Truly, I was.

*"Rosie, when we lived in England in the 90's, was there a Halloween? and trick-or-treats? and witches?" I had recently asked her. She thought for a moment, and then, "Hmm, well maybe not quite as much as in the States. But - yes, I believe there was a Halloween."

I didn't remember it very much, off base. We had always dressed up the kids, taken them down to the base, and watched with our friends as they collected their loot. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of small ghosts and goblins trotting from house to house, gleefully grabbing handfulls of goodies. It was loads of fun, and safe too! It doesn't get much more secure than a military base firmly guarded by the wonderful hordes of armed security forces. It was lovely.

So last night I was surprised when all of a sudden there were all these horrible and frightening screams coming from below my window. What on earth had happened? Was someone being murdered? I peeked out, in an attempt to see if there were any bodies. But there weren't. Still, the screams continued.

The noise went on until after I was asleep, but I don't know for how long. When I opened the door this morning, the streets were perfectly serene, the Sunday-morning peace reigning once again. The bells were even ringing. When church was finished and the parishioners were sipping their cups of tea, I asked if anyone had heard all that racket the night before. No one had. I wonder why? 

It is that Halloween only happened where the tourists were staying? Because so many were Americans? I shall have to ask the splendid Tony, Cornish tour guide extraordinaire, and see what he thinks.

One lady did comment, though, while sipping her tea, "It seems to me that just about every American quirk eventually makes its way over here." There was a small silence while I tried, and failed, to think of something to say. (..Should I have mentioned Thanksgiving?)

But I'll admit it, ok. Some American 'quirks' do have a way of spreading themselves around the place.

But screaming bloody murder is taking things just a bit too far.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

*this was an approximate conversation :-)

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