Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day. It's the Sweetest Thing

It took 190 scones to get the SconeLady back to business. Have you ever baked 190 scones before, all by yourself? No? Well, I don't often indulge in such extremes, but it was so much fun that I will in all likelihood turn right around and do it again.

The people who will consume these 190 morsels are unaware that such a privilege is in their very near future. In fact, on Mother's Day. They will arrive at church on Sunday, and park their cars. They will walk through the big double doors of the building carrying purses, Bibles, and children, and then all at once they will come upon piles and piles of scones - simply scads of them, all beautifully adorned and waiting. And they will smile. It is this collective smile that has kept me baking up a floury storm all week, Monday through Friday. I can't wait.

But it has been an adventure. Friend Rosie was consulted by email immediately, because her scones are the last word in scones. And even though she was thousands of miles away in an exotic location riding camels in the desert heat, she gave delightful advice. Between the pair of us, we agreed that:

  • freezing the scones already sliced is best
  • using a smaller cookie cutter makes a more stable scone
  • serving them with jam and whipped cream already spread will speed the enjoyment of the masses 
  • having a team of helpers to spread this yumminess will lower the stress levels of the SconeLady
  • having an in-home taste-tester (husband of SconeLady) will ensure higher levels of delight on Mother's Day
  • using real whipped cream is infinitely better than the canned spray stuff. Even if it is more work

And so, dear Readers, my scones and I are poised, all ready for the Big Reveal on Sunday. What better way to honor our mothers than to ply them with the most satisfying, alluring, and delectable treats known to womankind? 

Scones. Ah....bliss.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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