Saturday, September 22, 2018

What She Was Waiting For

What does a girl do in a wind and rain storm when she has just washed her hair? She stays inside, out of the wind and rain storm. Everybody knows that.

But although I tried to, I simply could not do it, not ALL day, it just isn't possible if you want to stay sane. There are only so many meals you can make, cups you can brew, and chapters you can write. Walks in the rain were suggested, both long and short, and then abandoned for the simple fact that my hair would get wet

It was decided that we would shop-walk (hair carefully covered and bundled). Shop-walking is shopping along Fore Street at the same time as you are walking down it. Shop-walking with one's husband is nice because he always ends up wanting you to purchase something you probably would never have had the courage to purchase on your own. Some people's husbands actually go to the Visa navigational page to track their wives' purchases in real time, and this spooks the wives into not purchasing. But of course, the SconeLady has no such husband, and so when we passed by the St Ives Bookseller, he said, "Let's go in!" And we did.

I instantly saw, sitting on the display table, the book I had waited ALL YEAR LONG for. It had come out in Australia, but not in the US, and I'd been impatiently waiting for Audible to release it. The name of this book is, "The Clockmaker's Daughter", and - ta-da!! - it is available in the UK. Cornwall! ST IVES!

I picked it up, whispering, "The Clockmaker's Daughter!" I almost cried. And the copy in my hands was not just 'a' copy of Kate Morton's book; it was a SIGNED copy of Kate Morton's book. Kate Morton had actually held it, and written her name on the page!

"Then you must buy it!" said my husband. And I did, declaring gleefully, "I'll be the envy of all!"

We walked on, to the Thai place we have come to love, and sat down to eat, all the while feeling that delectable book just sitting there, waiting to be read. It took all my self control not to open it right then. But I didn't want to, not really. What I wanted was the opportune moment, without food being ordered, and delivered, and eaten, and discussed. What I really wanted was a cozy chair, a mug of tea, and - the book.

Now, I've got that. Page one...

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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