Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Potter

I saw Clementina!

Clementina van der Walt, the South African potter who is doing another Residency at Leach Pottery, has come - oh, fortunate me! - now, while I am still here. I heard through social media (sometimes it is handy), that she was coming. We made connection, and finally, today, I saw Clementina!

The Leach Pottery is quite a little walk uphill along what they call "The Stennack" - perhaps a mile from the cottage. But an uphill mile is nothing now, compared with what it would have been 2 months ago. We have done so much up-hilling that it truly is just one big piece of cake. I did it, and arrived at 10:00 a.m.when the Leach was opening. A man was at the counter.

"Hello," I said, "I am hoping to see some Clementina Vanderwalt pieces. Do you have any yet?" 

"Well," he said, "we will have them, once her exhibition takes place..."

"On October 3. Right?" I asked. Clementina had told me this herself on social media (you see? handy). But - sad! we leave here that very day, and I must miss it. I will see pictures of it, but in real life would have been amazing. I haven't seen anything like her pottery, dear Readers; so brightly vibrant, so rich in tone, so - so glowing. And different from everyone else's. But, if I couldn't see or purchase any of Clementina's pottery just yet, then perhaps...

"Is she in today?" He said that yes, she was in. And that I maybe could see her. He would go and ask. I waited. 

Then through the door she came, saying "Hello!" smiling, hugging. "How is your brother doing?" 

The Brotherly Traveler had been with me 2 years ago at Clementina's class, and she remembered. The graciousness I saw in her that time was still there now. And the humility, and the confidence that will carry her through what she must do here. She is not here to just sit around being famous. She is here to work

The subject of scones came up, as it tends to wherever I go (she knows me as the SconeLady, after all), and Clementina said she'd not had one at The Digey this trip, but that she would soon. 

Later on, as I sat at The Digey an absolutely smashing idea hit me. I could get her a scone! Better yet, an entire Cream Tea!. 

So I ordered it to go, they popped two scones out of the oven and into the to-go bag, and up I trudged again to The Leach. It was fun! She - and some of her colleagues - got to taste the very best scones to be found in Cornwall. In England. In the world! New fans for The Digey!

And it is easy to look at her work, dear Readers. Just go to the website below, and scroll through. Her new pieces are in progress, but will be added soon;  and I can't wait to see them. Always unique, always innovative and thought provoking. I never really knew how much I loved pottery, until I saw hers. Absolutely smashing.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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  1. Oh YES! Clementina! I remember her so well, and I so appreciated her including us in her class, and then happening to see her at The Digey, and becoming better acquainted. She is lovely and her work is amazing, and they join together in her great smile and kindness. Cheers!