Saturday, September 1, 2018

What Lucky Girls

I have never watched Lawn Bowls, nor have I ever been invited to play it. 

But on our way to the clifftop moors today, we suddenly saw a large, flat, greet lawn with little men dressed in white running around on it and rolling balls. And wearing caps. We had come across the St Ives Lawn Bowls team at practice! Aren't they cute? And they were talented at this.

The St Ives Lawn Bowls club had been there every time I have walked past it since 2013, but never had I seen men playing anything on it. We had no end of a good time watching them play. Just watching it taught us the game. There was a method to the madness of Lawn Bowls, and that sister of mine worked out the details. I hesitate to admit that I personally did not work them out. But why did I need to, if she did? I love that about my sister - she figures everything out for me.

We finally left the little men to their play, and visited the beautiful and famous moors of Cornwall, with the wind blowing us and the rain spitting at us. We didn't really mind this because we had already given up hope of a hair style. I always forget (until I land here) that one simply cannot count on a hair style, here. In California, I can count on one day after day. Bad hair days do not exist in California. Cornwall is obviously another story.

After being blown and rained upon, we decided to turn around and go back. And just as we approached the Lawn Bowls team's practice, a Lawn Bowls team member walked along the pathway toward us. He looked up, smiled, and said, "Hello", or something nice like that, and I said, "Hello", back. 

"Um - sir, are you a Lawn Bowler?" I continued.

"Yes, I am," he said with another smile.

This was promising. "Oh good," said I. "How often do you play here?"

The man explained that the St Ives Lawn Bowlers bowl every morning from May to October. 

By this time our hair was pointing STRAIGHT UP in the wind, and occasionally I would try to pull down the bangs so that my forehead would not show so much. This pulling down of the bangs was useless, though, and the man said, "Ah, yes, and we do occasionally have a bit of wind, as you can see..."


We began to walk on, but the man gently finished, "...and you can stop by anytime you wish, and play a game with us! Absolutely anytime."

We said goodbye and walked back to the cottage, and out of that unbelievable wind. Recovering over a nice hot cup of tea, we reflected on what lucky girls we had been, when, not expecting even to see a Lawn Bowls game, we had become invited to be in one. It's a first! And although we may not actually take him up on it, it's lovely being asked.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Today's clifftop moors of Cornwall   


  1. OH, seeing the Green's in the St Ives 'environ' is knowing that 'happiness is all around the SconeLady!!!'

    I can't wait to see you all accept the offer for a round of lawn bowling, and I think Uncle Lawrence will be a hit on the green! And husband Craig should be your quarterback!

    1. I agree! We haven't gone back yet, but it is still on our list of possible things to do in St Ives!