Sunday, June 7, 2015

'Why I Like Grandma's House'

  • Grandma's house smells nice, like Grandma
  • there are always grapes at Grandma's house
  • whenever we get rambunctious at Grandma's house, she shoos us outside where there is a pool and a hot tub to be rambunctious in

  • sometimes when it gets dark and we are rambunctious, Grandpa reads us a story
  • there is a boat in a lake at Grandma's house and all of us get to drive it
  • whenever we go out in a boat on the lake, Grandma is sure to bring grapes and water bottles just in case, and she makes us all go to the bathroom first
  • sometimes we walk to the park to feed the ducks, and usually end up eating most of the bread ourselves
  • when we walk to the park we usually find nice long sticks to drag along behind us and make little waves in the water. Sometimes our feet accidentally get into the water and Grandpa says to 'get out of it'
  • whenever we are at the park playground, Grandma gets light-headed because she is afraid we will fall
  • Grandma always has her camera phone with her in case one of us does something interesting and it ends up on her blog
  • Grandma is the SconeLady and makes lots of tasty treats for us like scones and Cornish pasties
  • I love to go to Grandma's house because we used to live there and it feels like home
  • there are fishing poles at Grandma's house and Grandpa always baits our hooks
  • Grandpa is afraid we will get our hooks into each other and says 'always watch your hooks'
  • we almost always catch a fish there and we put it into a bucket of water to look at, and then Grandpa takes out the hook and we throw the fish back into the water because Grandpa says that is 'humane'
  • sometimes when we are at Grandma's house we get to walk to Jack-in-a-Box for lunch. We always have hamburgers and chicken strips and fries and milkshakes because Grandpa says we can eat anything we like
  • our table always ends up in a ketchup-y mess and Grandpa has to wipe it all up at the end but he likes to go anyway
  • on the way to the Jack-in-a-Box we go down a dark and shaded alley called 'The Spooky Pathway', and my sister gets the chills
  • The thing I like most about Grandma's house is that we laugh whenever we are there. There is always something to laugh about because Grandpa says such surprising things that are so funny and we can't help but laugh. Grandma says that is called having a 'sense of humor'.

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