Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rick Steves Interviews the SconeLady

"Mom, you really should contact Rick Steves and share your travel blog with him," said the lovely daughter one day.

"Really?" said the SconeLady with some trepidation. "He probably gets scads of blogs and requests and - well, people telling him things."

"I know, but you really should contact him mom." And we left it at that.

The Digey Food Room, best scone in England!

But I couldn't get it out of my mind, now that it was rattling around in there. So finally I sat down to write to Rick Steves - travel writer, travel expert, travel everything, and told him about the SconeLady. About how she wanders around England in search for the tastiest scone in that lovely Land. My finger hovered for a moment over the 'send' key as I pondered (should I..?). But in the end, click! went the key, for good or ill. And then I waited. 

Presently, an email made its way to my inbox, with an invitation to 'chat with Rick on his show about your experiences searching for the perfect scone'!! I felt breathless, truly I did.

In fact, I was sitting in the passenger seat of the lovely daughter's van when the email arrived. "RICK STEVES!!!" I suddenly shouted.

"What!" she exclaimed.

"He wants to chat with me about SCONES! On his SHOW!" And of course, we both squealed and went a little bit crazy. "I knew it mom!" she enthused. The date was given, June 12, between 3:30 and 4:00 pm PT. I had some time. I could prepare.

So yesterday afternoon I sat in my 'perch', thinking of my beloved scones and waiting for the phone to ring. My notes sat before me just in case I panicked or my mind went suddenly blank. 

The phone did ring, and there was the producer speaking kindly to me, saying, "Hello, Scone Lady! Rick is speaking to two other people first, and then it will be your turn." And I was placed on hold.
Josh, quintessential scone baker,
The Digey Food Room
While on hold, I was able to hear the other callers, people just like me who would be sharing something exciting with Rick about travel. This gave me the chance to think how nervous they must be, and how this was not just happening to me alone. We were a TEAM of enthusiasts who were there to be enthusiastic about our travel adventures, and help to spread the enthusiasm.

Then all of a sudden, click! went the phone, and, ", we have the Scone Lady on the line. Tell me, Scone Lady..." and we were off and running!

Rick was so nice. I was able to remember almost all of what I had planned to say. He asked all of the questions I had thought he might and hoped he would. We even laughed! He was a true professional, helping me to relax and share my experiences without feeling overwhelmed.

Rick asked which scone was the very best I had found in all of England. I, of course, stated what all of my dear Readers already know - that it was found at The Digey Food Room in St Ives, created by their quintessential scone-baker, Josh. Rick shared that he has plans to be in St Ives on his very next trip, and would now definitely visit The Digey! Fabulous.

I don't know when this taped conversation will air, but no doubt someday soon I will be walking the distant miles, listening to the Travel With Rick Steves program, and suddenly will hear, "..and now, we have the Scone Lady on the line!"

And I will almost certainly squeal, and go just a little bit crazy.

See you along the way!
The SconeLady

(The dialogue here is approximate)

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