Friday, June 19, 2015


And 38 years later, here we are still holding hands. And deeply grateful.

Early in those years someone at work heard me say that I believed in staying married whatever the difficulty.  Upon hearing this (shocking) statement, he mocked it and exclaimed, "And how can you possibly say that or even know it? It's ridiculous." 

My thought was that we had better say it. It's something of what we mean when we make a vow. Saying it out loud and purposing to do it, under God. And so in the spirit of saying it, I wrote a song with these words at its center:

I shall stay, I will stay with you.
And I'll see you through your young and elder years.
We will face the harder moments through our tears,
But I'll be here
I can't bear to miss one gray or golden year.

Gray. Golden. Simply both, and then everything in between. And just look at us, all young and hopeful and ready for anything.

And then just last night, the fun of celebrating those 38 years with samplings of both the Gray, and the Golden.

Still holding hands, and still deeply grateful. Happy Anniversary to the SconeLady's husband - the warm, the witty, the never-boring love of my life!

See you along the way! 
the SconeLady

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