Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The AppleWatch Made Me Do It

It has arrived! And several weeks early, at that. The above AppleWatch appeared on our doorstep yesterday and we have been playing with it ever since. To any Apple devotee, such a prospect is absolutely fun and never a chore. You just have to climb onto its wavelength, stand up, and hang on for the ride. I think I can handle this.

There is a certain amount of embedded Apple knowledge already present because we have used Apple products for years now. Apple has the happy habit of building on that knowledge base with each new device it creates, and this means that you don't have to relearn everything it offers. You just tune in to what I call your 'AppleSense', and apply it. 

And it's pretty, too, isn't it? It might look a bit big on the SconeLady's wrist, but for a good reason. When we went to look at the variety of Apple Watches a few weeks ago, I discovered that my eyes are more comfy with this larger display, therefore I did not order the more petite version. And I am happy with it. To this Goldilocks, it seems to be 'not too small, not too large, but Just Right'.

This particular wrist band is smooth, and pretty, and pliable. Luxurious. Once it is on, you forget it's there because it is made to almost blend in with your skin. Enough of those heavy metal watch bands that only weigh you down! You have to feel this one to believe it.

There are just so many things you can do with AppleWatch, dear Readers. Far too many to describe in one post. But one of my favorites is the Workout app, which keeps track of your mileage, calories, heart rate, steps taken, time sitting and standing, and more. In fact, I was sitting here writing last night when AppleWatch deemed it time for me to GET UP OFF OF MY NEST. It beeped a very sweet and soft beep, and buzzed a short little buzz, and I looked at it. It said, 'Time to stand! Stand up and move a little for one minute.' So, I did stand and I did move around a little bit. It is amazing how long a writer can sit and stare at their screen, never dreaming that they have been sitting and staring for such ages. So now, about every hour I hear the beep and feel the buzz, and drag myself up and at 'em.

Another exciting capacity of the AppleWatch is using it to pay for purchases at our local stores and restaurants. No digging in your purse to find your wallet and credit card and ID. Just hold your wrist over the activator, wait for the beep, and - voila! Each time I have used the iPhone for payment, the clerk has looked surprised and pleased that I wanted to try it. And then surprised and pleased that it actually worked! So now I will try it using the AppleWatch, and find out whether or not they will be surprised and pleased all over again. Tomorrow: Panera Bread, my first shot at ApplePay with AppleWatch. It could hardly get any better than that.

I can promise more on all of this later, as I look and learn and discover. But here is a short list of possibilities for you in the meantime:

  • it's a watch
  • it's a phone
  • it's a camera
  • it's an iPod 
  • it's a radio
  • it's a movie theater
  • it's a text and email device
  • it's your keys
  • it's your credit card
  • it's a computer
  • it's a calendar
  • it's weatherman
  • it's a map
  • it's a GPS
  • it's a calendar
  • it's a workout counter
  • it's a step counter
  • it's a calorie counter
  • it's a heart rate monitor
  • it can find your husband
  • and HE can find YOU.

The list is silly, really, only scratching the surface of what this nifty little thing can do. But let us think of it this way: have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Personal Assistant? 

Well, you need wonder no longer. Your Personal Assistant is here.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

photo credit: <a href="">Apple -  Watch Sport</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

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