Sunday, June 28, 2015

In My Happy Place

My mother always lets me take her photograph. She is not squeamish, as others may be (and with good reason) about her daughter plastering her picture all over the place online. There are pics out there already, of:

  • her 1943 wedding
  • her high school graduation 
  • her with a great-granddaughter bending over a complicated puzzle
  • her making quilts (splendid)
  • her standing in line at a restaurant
  • her being interviewed by the rather stunning son
  • her at dinner
  • her at breakfast
  • her simply being her adorable self 
There are just any number of images of my beautiful mother out there. And she gave permission for them all.

After a long drive through Oregon forests today, we descended upon the dining room to consume their special: stuffed pork loin with spiced applesauce, peas, and yams. With chocolate pudding and whipped cream. And frozen vanilla cake with berries. And a salad bar! All throughout the meal we munched happily while listening to the chatter and laughter of those around us. It was indeed a 'Happy Place'.

The SconeLady's mother finds friends

We talked about the very interesting things we had done on our journeys, and felt sorry that it was now almost over. Of particular note was the quilt she had hand-made for yesterday's lovely bride.

It had taken many hours over many weeks to complete, but it was done at last and was a thing of rare beauty.

A highlight for us all was the moment when it was presented to the bridal couple, to their astonishment. 

Any of you quilters out there will instantly know what an undertaking this was, and how very much appreciated it will always be. It was fun to be a part of that moment, that day.

And now we ready ourselves for another farewell - but not a long one, Lord willing. For we have plans! And if you thought we were in a Happy Place before, just wait till you hear about this one!

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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