Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What A Little Girl Found There (3)

Another Grandmother's House

She awoke to the sounds of laughter and the smell of breakfast. People downstairs were setting the table, making the porridge, buttering the toast - and laughing. She lay in that comfy bed just thinking of what might happen next, and was content.

They had arrived late the night before so there had not been a chance to notice very much, so tired was she. "Take her up to her bed. She must be exhausted, poor dear," said her grandmother. And indeed, she was asleep before they reached the top of the stairs.
Jessie (for that was her name) was to attend first grade here. She had always loved this house and could hardly believe she would stay so long! It had an upstairs and downstairs, a big porch, and even a cellar. She remembered once descending to its depths, to gaze below at the rows of cereal boxes. They were all so nicely arranged, organized by size and type, and there was enough to last a whole winter. Bliss!

It was the very beginning of the Depression, but Grandfather had a job, an orchard and a garden, and the house seemed fairly bursting with food. Jessie liked thinking of the prospect of breakfast, as she lay there so wonderfully comfortable. Suddenly she heard, "Breakfast is ready!" so she quickly got dressed and started down the stairs, all the while hearing the cheerful voices of the kind people below. 

Aunt Stella, Aunt Louise and Uncle Clarence were there, and greeted her heartily. Grandmother was stirring something at the stove, and Grandfather sat at the table. Everyone smiled when they saw her. "Well, hello! Good morning Jessie!" they said. "It's so nice to have you here."

She felt utterly welcomed. Uncle Clarence fluffed her hair as he sat, and breakfast began. Lively conversation, gentle joking, earnest discussions of interesting topics - it was so very enchanting. What a lucky girl she was! 

This was going to be a simply splendid year.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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