Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Sweetest Interruption

I was watching a lady baking scones on youtube when all of a sudden a FaceTime request was made and - bing! - a daughter and three small blondes appeared on a screen. As much as the SconeLady loves scones and wishes to eat them, the sight of the kiddies drove all such thoughts from my head.

As always, the FaceTime began calmly, almost dignifiedly as the 2 year old showed us his books of planets and snakes. He showed us that he was wearing 'big boy pants' instead of a diaper. He smiled and joked and generally had control of the situation whilst sitting on his mother's lap.

But suddenly there was an irratic phone movement and the SconeLady could not detect just what was happening. Someone else was in control. After that, things began to pick up and the pace was swift. There was bouncing. There was running! There were squeals of laughter. And the 2 year old with his planets and snakes and underwear were no more.

The small girl was wearing (of course) a pink princess dress, which was super pretty on her. There is no doubt that high heels were in the vicinity. The 6 year old's face flashed quickly past. We were shown closeup shots of noses, ears, tongues, and foreheads, but in such quick succession that we were not just sure which or whose head was being represented. They were all blond, so it's anyone's guess.

The pretty mother expressed an interest regarding bedtime. But it was such fun to watch the action that I'm afraid the grandparents weren't being very helpful. Finally all of us decided it was time to finish and go to bed, only no one wanted to press the 'end' button. So we had a round of photo taking whilst trying to get all four of them into one shot. The results here are evidence of a luxury, for us - the upward spike of a Bell Curve in our lives, here in this sweet woodland cabin.

In a word, the best.

So - ok now, what was I doing before I was so sweetly interrupted? Oh yes. The Joy of Baking cream scones, which of course the SconeLady dearly adores. But somehow the sight of cream scones on youtube doesn't quite have the same pull.

Thank you, Steve Jobs! I'll take FaceTime any day.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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