Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Best 1,000 Miles

Keep Them Safe; Keep Them Warm

It was worth every mile.

We began it in the darkness of a rain storm, and ended under balmy blue skies - the best of blessings in the month of February! In spite of a fire on the Interstate during which we were stalled between numbers of formidable semi trucks, our arrival was grand. Los Angeles was beautiful, and made better by the presence of the rather dazzling son who conducted us to a Mexican lunch and walked with me for miles.

And later we were in our element, given the enormous hugs and kisses of sweet and tiny children.  "Grandma! Grandpa! You've been gone SOOOOOOO long!!" 

Songs were sung; theatricals acted out with great comedy (sprinkled inevitably with tragedy). Dances were twirled in a pink Princess dress, while the 2 year old repeated (with a two second delay) every word and step of the performance. You couldn't find anything nearly so awe-inspiring in the West End or Broadway! 

Grandma and Grandpa walked the performers down to the local Jack in the Box as a reward, renewing their tradition. Hence, the milkshake tradition you see here, and then the curly fries tradition, as well as the chicken nuggets tradition. And then Grandpa sat outside in the darkness pointing out the stars, with all three small blonds gazing straight up in order to discover them better.

The evening couldn't have been any better. Not a tear was shed (well, almost none..), and everyone ended it with a smile. The final comment of the 6 year old, stated with an air of some puzzlement: "I just can't get my eyes off of you two."

We came away once again with the sounds of tiny voices calling after us, and cheering us on. "Goodbye! Goodbye! We love you and come back soon!" We will, my darlings. Tomorrow.

(And now I get to watch Downton Abbey and see what on earth Edith might be doing this time.)

Until then, 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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