Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Putting the Baby to Bed


It is a fourth birthday, filled with pink (and purple, and white). Pink may not be a primary color in that hierarchy, but it is the happiest color for this small creature, and there can never be too much. It is a precious commodity.

Somehow sweetness and pink go together, and have done for almost exactly four years. As you can see:

Fun with mommy at Disneyland

Fun playing with MagnaTiles at Christmas

Fun shopping with Grandpa

Sparkle at the grand age of 3

Of all the gifts received on this fourth birthday, the best was a new place to lay her baby. Her mother created a new and colorful blanket/quilt and pillows for her baby's bed, causing an immediate uptake of breath and a dash to find her baby doll for its nap.

It was clearly bedtime, and I have never seen any mother put her baby to bed as gently and as carefully as did this little mother. And it was the highlight of her very Pink birthday, alongside many others:

  • helping Mother to decorate her splendid cake
  • welcoming friends who have a shared appreciation for the color Pink
  • facing unlimited amounts of pizza, M&Ms, cake, sodas, and (during momentary pauses) furtive licks of leftover frosting
  • opening gifts in a cacophony of noise and squeals and torn paper, as mothers try to figure out who brought which gift
  • and, falling to sleep while clutching the pink fluffy suitcase she had received from - someone. I'm not just sure who.

It is no wonder that at this moment, our birthday girl is resting on the living room carpet, awake (but only barely) on her Princess cushion surrounded by an explosion of Pink, and Purple, and White. 

Satisfaction personified.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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