Monday, September 16, 2013

What Is 'All This'? (part one)

What do I mean by, 'All This For A Scone'? Let us just think together. When you get ready for a significant trip somewhere, you must recognize that you will be spending some significant amounts just getting yourself there, not to mention sustaining yourself while there.

And since one of the main targets of this trip is the finding and eating of Scones (with jam and cream, with tea, with finger sandwiches, with teeny-weeny smashingly delicious tea cakes), there seems to be an awful lot going toward what may appear to most people a small, insignificant bit of bread.

But it isn't small or insignificant to me! And although I won't be indulging in Afternoon Tea every moment of every day, each day will certainly find me at some tea table, pouring out the Aasam, or the English Breakfast, or the Lapsang Souchong while spreading the jam, the cream and even - yes, even the butter!

Today is Monday; I fly away on Wednesday!

See you along the way!

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