Friday, September 27, 2013

Oxford, the City of Towers and Spires (day eight)

I have decided not to weigh myself when I get home. Sounds sensible, doesn't it. Best not to know.

While in Oxford, in between gazing at magnificence I stopped in at the hotel lounge favored by C.S.Lewis - the Eastgate (sometimes called the Mercure). With all this walking it was high time I tried another scone. I had done a fair bit of walking just to find a scone place - it can't be just any scone place, it should really have a table cloth, real cups and a tea pot (both preferably white). You might be surprised at the places you'll see that want to serve you tea in a paper cup. Tea in paper? This borders on I-don't-know-what. Heresy?

So here is a pic of the scones I had. They were small, and could be consumed in two bites each. They were warm (a must). And the waitress was super nice, helpful, and hovering, should I want something like more hot water (which I did). However, the scones themselves were not super tasty. All of the elements were not there. Good scones should have some substance to them. They should be of a size you can respect. And they should taste so good that you don't mind the calories (I am NOT weighing myself). And so these particular scones were less than a 10. They might be a 4. But high marks to the atmosphere and the service.

So here's to my next search for the best scone in the land of Dickens.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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  1. Bummer! But it's all good when the search continues. At least they looked good in the picture.