Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Hat! Day six in England

Today friend Rosie and I are heading off to London! We will go by train, grab a quick bite, and dash to the theatre where Top Hat is playing on stage at the Aldwych Theatre. Then we will train it back home to be given a wonderful beef dinner prepared by Ted and two fabulous chefs!

I have just returned from London, having had a much different day than we expected. Just before the curtain went up at the Aldwych, I received the message that my wonderful father-in-law had passed away, back home. Friend Rosie and I were seated smack in the middle of the theatre, the curtain was about to rise, and I could not move. Then we were told that all cellular phones must be turned off! It was dreadful, and I was bereft.

And then, not long after the curtain went up at the Aldwych Theatre, the ceiling area above the orchestra pit suddenly fell in, and a very much surprised manager announced that we were all to remain in our seats (but we wanted out, in case more ceiling disasters decided to take place). We did have to leave the theatre, But all was not lost. Rosie took me for a walk around the area, eating ice creams, and ending up at the Liberty department store- which was the nicest, most unique one I had been to. It was difficult to keep the charge card in the pocket, but I did.

We did come home to a marvelous rib eye dinner, which I am currently attempting to recover from. It will soon be time for bed, but first I will close this blog and FaceTime with my very sweet husband. Thank you for all of the prayers as the family has walked this path together.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady


  1. Craig let us know about Don going Home.... I'm sad for your loss, but so happy for Don.

    (Will the theater repay your tickets? That is a sad and dangerous thing to happen.)

  2. Yes, a full refund is being given everyone. It was certainly an odd thing to have happen during a play in London! We are sure that the 'health & safety' people there are having a fit about it.