Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's The Stones

Going to Stonehenge is always interesting because of the things people say as they see it for the first time. The bus left right on time, filled with tourists from America, Germany, and Japan. The driver only spoke one language, but he got on well with those who could not for the life of them understand a word he said. Lots can be expressed through smiling and hand gestures, and he was giving it a real good go.

There were 18 tourists from Japan who were dying to get out to Stonehenge, only they couldn't, not because they had no money, but because they had the wrong kind. It was something to do with the Euro and a mixup on why it wasn't being accepted here. This conversation took a while to plough through because numberless explanations had to be made and understood before any solution had a chance. Somebody must have called somebody else because another official with the company finally sped up on his bicycle and said, "No worries! Boss said just come with me down to the cash point and we'll work it out there." So to the cash point the group's leader went, along with the bicycling official. The bus driver shook his head, and said, "I've never seen Boss do anything like that..but he's a good'n, a right good'n."

Presently the men arrived back at the bus, and peace reigned once more. Tickets were issued, and smiles (with hand gestures) beamed all around. The 18 Japanese passengers trooped on upstairs to the double decker bus deck, obviously happy that their day at Stonehenge hadn't been ruined after all. The bus rumbled on for a time as everyone chatted, but then things became quiet as we made the final curve toward the Henge. A hush descended. There was the sign! Almost magically, the magnificent Stones floated into view. All at once, 18 voices from above roared out with the most appreciative admiration you would ever want to hear. And then they clapped. The rest of us clapped too, for the sheer joy of their joy.

I had been happy enough going to Stonehenge on a warm day overcrowded with summertime hoards, because the thing is always amazing. But getting to hear those blissful people shouting in wonder at the thrill of it all, well, that was like icing on a very big cake.

I'm glad Boss came through for them in the end, aren't you? A good'n that one is, for sure...a right good'n.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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