Thursday, June 1, 2017

H&G (Hi and Goodbye)

It's much easier to say 'hello' than it is to say 'goodbye', especially when you have done so many fun activities in so short a time - all while being fed nice things and taken to nice places. When you are saying hello to someone, it is with the prospect of some kind of future with them, whether it be short or long. But the goodbye has a finality to it that we shy away from. We are shying away a bit today, for today is the train ride that begins an ending and is therefore rather a melancholy one. 

At the same time, in our conversations about today we have begun to hear the word 'home', quite a lot. One person can't wait to see his bed, and lie in it. Another mentions her friends and her best doll, the one she received just before this Adventure began (which doll is sitting on her California bed this very moment, waiting). And the third? Well, the third is right about where the SconeLady always is at this moment. He doesn't want to leave.

But leave we must, and so in a moment the SconeLady will simply have to start packing her bags. 

It has been sweet. Friend Rosie and her Ted have a way of enfolding and welcoming children, including them, leading them by example. It is a Gift, and who wants to leave something like that? Where else might you be invited to go and feed Polly, the donkey? or brush her coat? or go and help clean up the manure? They were, and did, scooping heartily along and then looking around for the next pile as if this were some kind of a scavenger hunt. It was hilarious. 

They, and we, will remember every stroke of it, having jumped into the deep end with great gusto. But it sure beats me how much fun those kids had cleaning up that poop. I've never seen anything like it.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

What a work ethic looks like:

 Darling Polly being brushed

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