Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cornwall, Day 31 (Mawnan)

It seems that wherever I am taken in Cornwall, the beauty astounds. This time it was a village called Mawnan, which is sweet and quiet and has an endearing churchyard. If such a thing is possible. But it must be, because just look at that view:

My host's daughter had been married in this little church, and after viewing the photos I asked to be taken to it. We wandered around inside and out, and I thought what a charming spot it was to say 'I do'. 

"It's nothing like the Cathedral, I'm afraid," said my host, remembering Truro. But in a way it wasbecause there was such peace and accord in both. One does not need splendor to find goodness. And it was all there.

"Oh, I love it just the way it is," I said. "So sweet.."

We talked about the wedding, and the dresses (she had made FIVE of them including the Bridal gown!), and poured over the photographs. I did not personally know more than 3 of the people in them, but it was exciting fun anyway. Women seem to love talking about weddings, no matter who might be in them.

"Oh my goodness, just look at that veil!" I exclaimed. "Did you make the veil too?"

She said, humbly, "Yes, that too.." and smiled.

When it was time for the SconeLady to be returned to St Ives, we stopped to eat at the Trengilly Wartha Inn along the way. Have you ever heard of the Trengilly Wartha Inn? I had not, but as soon as we walked in I could see exactly why they loved it. Do take a look at it! We sat at the wooden table on the left!

We three ate the scrumptious meal and talked for ages about - (you'll never guess) - the American election. How can such a thing not be discussed? We have only one more week, and it is all the rage over here. I've never been so popular! 

Someone asked, "What will you do if so-and-so wins?"

I thought, and wondered...and then realized that, whichever so-and-so wins, I will be doing exactly the same thing. 

I will pray.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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