Monday, November 7, 2016

Cornwall, Day 38 (Another Day at the Leach)

Ages ago I had had an invitation, and decided to accept. The Leach Pottery had announced that any who wished might come for a 'taster' session of pottery making. Taster, meaning that if one had never done ceramics, they could give it a go. At the Leach Pottery. For a fee. I signed up.

Yesterday was the day, and when I showed up and found that I was the only student in that morning's class, I was thrilled. A whole potter of my very own, to teach me! Her name was Jacqueline Clark.

It was a session on the basics of 'throwing', and I had all sorts of visions in my mind, of throwing clay around and watching it come out as a pot. It took a lot more than just throwing, but a pot did, because of Jacqueline, come out. 

She took me through the steps, demonstrating each one on the potter's wheel as I watched. It looked smooth and rather easy in her hands, but when it became my turn to do the same, it was a different story! There is quite a lot of strength used with both hands, and if you don't use that strength a pot won't come out. Or at least nothing that resembles a pot. The SconeLady does not have her full issue of hand strength anymore, but with Jacqueline's guidance and correction, we came through and the first pot was presentable. The second one was even better. Here are both pots:

It was a lovely way to spend a morning in St Ives, and I highly recommend it!

This pottery making was hands down the high point of the day, for when we went to meet my new American friend at The Digey, alas, she was unable to come! My questions all lay unanswered and the friendship lingers on pause. It was a sad moment. Still, the scone was good, and soothed the SconeLady considerably. After all that throwing and pottering.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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