Thursday, August 7, 2014

With Pilcher, There is Always the Sea

I am reading a Rosamunde Pilcher book, and looking at this. It is an enviable view, wouldn't you say? The book is called September, and is meant to be the follow-on to her seminal novel The Shell Seekers. It is a good one, this follow-on. Great, in fact. As usual, I have already read it quite a number of times, but am finding myself swept again into the magic of it, even so. 

Depoe Bay, Oregon

Although I have run out of Rosamunde Pilcher books to read, I don't really mind reading them all again. There is a pattern. I usually consume The Shell Seekers during summer, Coming Home in winter, and Winter Solstice just after Coming Home. Then there is September, which really should be read in (get this?) September, but it doesn't much matter. It's smashing whenever you can lay your hands on it. 

Rosamunde began to write in 1949, and paused in the year 2000. I say 'paused', really because where there is life there is hope. Right? Maybe we will again see a delicious, weighty Rosamunde Pilcher book in a shop window at some future point. I, for one, hope dearly so.

I just love reading her stories while sitting along the seashore, don't you? or resting comfortably inside a beach house or B&B. It's just simply the most perfect setup. Her love of the sea is what keeps bringing me back to Cornwall. To St Ives ('Porthkerris'). The sea. It is nearly impossible to stay away from it, once you have read a Pilcher.

 St Ives, Cornwall

Cornwall, as seen by the SconeLady October 2013

Have you, dear Readers, read Rosamunde? Do you have a favorite? It is excruciating for me to try and figure out which is mine. It's actually impossible, for each story has its own magic; and I can't help but wish I could write one even half as well as she. 

Sigh. One day, I shall try. And I'm pretty sure that if it happens, it will be because I was sitting along some Cornish shore, listening to the gulls, eating a Cornish Pasty, and seeking shells in the sand on a warm, sunny day. 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Depoe Bay, Oregon

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