Friday, August 15, 2014

The Simple, Contagious Pleasures

Coming up out of a phenomenal sleep, I heard scratchings and peepings at my sister's front door. Little voices. I wondered, was I dreaming? Have my three little blondes come from deepest California to hug me?

And then, the door opened and in popped two small and cheerful cousins of said blondes! Come to visit and hug! Joy of Joys!
The two stood smiling and jumping, and one said he needed the restroom (hence, the jumping). Off he went, and out we trooped through the door to see the tiniest of humans, resting/smiling/laughing from her stroller. Next to her was the young mother standing watch, beautiful, happy, and - well, motherly.

"But where's Grandma??" intoned the small girl, straining to look through the door. 

"We aren't sure, but she will be here soon," her mommy said.

And then as if by some miracle, Grandma's car rounded the bend, causing an increase in the jumping. Grandpa (also in the car) saw the small crowd, and waved, and laughed - as all good and loving grandpa's will do.

The baby girl in the stroller watched all this and pondered, and then her grandma brought out a surprise just for her. It was a stuffed toy, but so much more than just a stuffed toy. It was red, and white, and if you shook it it would make sounds and music. The baby's big brother (having experienced such things) held it and shook it and showed it to the baby. And then the small event happened that precipitated this post. That baby laughed. She was happy anyway, but the presence of this strange new toy made her laugh the most funny laugh the SconeLady had ever heard. And that funny laugh continued, as each glance at the toy prompted fresh outbursts. 

This was hilarious, and the SconeLady always loves things that are hilarious. We all laughed at her laugh. It was contagious! I can't really explain it. YOU HAD TO BE THERE.

And I am so glad I was. So glad to have heard the scratchings and peepings at the door today. So happy to be loved and wanted in this tumbly world we call home.

Before you get too worried that this world is going you-know-where in a hand basket, maybe you should take a quick look around. Don't look so much at the grownups (although there are many superior ones); look down a bit, perhaps around 3 feet or less. You'll find yourself assured. 

It isn't over yet.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

photo credit: <a href="">Jodie-Lee-Photography</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

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