Sunday, May 25, 2014

Donuts and Airplanes! A Winning Combination

They really wanted to walk. A car was going, but their grandma and uncle were not going in the car, they were walking. The two young ones were confident they could go the nearly 3 miles with success. So we figured, why not?

Where were we all going? To the donut shop! To the Air Museum! To play with friends! It was to be, in short, a Field Trip.

And so the grandma, the uncle, the boy and the girl set off down the road on the way to the donut shop. There were so many funny things to talk about with their uncle. There were some nice things to talk about with their grandma too, but it wasn't quite the same as with their uncle. He was not only funny, he was hilarious. And silly and playful and always had what mommy called 'antics'. 
Walking 3 miles is no small thing for most people. Most people don't think walking that far is very much fun. But these two must have already had an active and vivacious life, because they did not find it difficult at all. Or, at least, maybe only a little difficult. At one point the uncle kindly picked up and carried the small girl. But only for a little distance. She was asked, but did NOT want a car to come and get her. It must be all or nothing.

The donuts were purchased, the drive to the Air Museum completed. Friends came, and together the children found all sorts of wonderful airplanes grandpa had been talking about with them. There was the F-4 Phantom, the B-52, the B-17, the F-111, and many more! Grandpa had flown the RF-4 and the F-111 in the Air Force, so he knew EVERYTHING about them. He explained how airplanes take off (when it seems they really just float out there and it's sort of scary), and how they land. It felt just as though they might fly in one of those planes, one day. Just like Amelia Earhart.
The best part of the Field Trip was getting to choose their very own airplane at the Museum shop. Parents always hesitate a little bit when it comes to Museum shops. But grandparents aren't squeamish about them at all. Grandpa told all six kids to choose whatever they liked, and it was SO much fun to look! The boys picked out water bombers, mostly, and the girls picked 'Whirly Copters', which were interesting because you blow up a balloon and let go and it soars high in the air. 

They played and ran, and played some more, until everyone was getting a little tired and a little hungry. It was time to go, and everyone piled into the cars clutching their new airplanes. 

No one, not even one child, expressed boredom. They didn't seem to think about that at all. I know of at least one little girl who had shining eyes while sitting in a flight simulator. And she looked like a natural.

It must run in the family.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

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