Sunday, May 21, 2017

Learning - in Copious Amounts

The learning never ceases, not even on holiday. The great thing is to be able to capture the learning and let it be fun, don't you think? For instance, on an English train, rocketing southwesterly in search of history. What could be more fun than to learn like that!?

The budding Kinder you see here is so accustomed to learning whatever his mother and his grandmother give him, that he did not bat even one eyelash when given an assignment while riding on a train. Of course he would do it. His sister and brother had already begun, and so he began. It was that simple. 

I praised my pupil's good work when he had finished, saying how much I admired his long attention span. "Why do you think you learn so well and so quickly?" I asked. He replied, "You are my teacher. You know everything I am supposed to do for school." And then he patted my hand. There could be nothing any sweeter than that.

We all spent 5 and a half hours on this train, a mesmerizing 5 and a half hours of exquisite beauty. Everything was SO UTTERLY GREEN that it nearly took our breath away. Even though the California drought is purported to be over (and our Governor has once again begun showering), the change of scenery between THAT and THIS is almost ludicrous. For quite a while, we all just stared at it as if we were on another planet. 

In between these moments of abject staring, we busied ourselves with consuming copious amounts of snacks and drinks from the free goodie cart. This free goodie cart was a favorite with our small fry, as they (and, of course, we) tried at least one of everything on it - and would have had more if only Mothers weren't so sensible. After the school work was completed and everyone was comfortably full, the idea of sleep suddenly took over, and peace reigned for a time. 

The SconeLady sat drowsily in her own seat, looking around at her sleeping family. She thought of other family who were not there, and missed them. There would be another time, not long from now, when they too would ride along. But for now the march was on, fueled by copious amounts of gratitude and the sense that even more fun is just around the corner.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

St Ives Bay, today

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