Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blissful Contagion

You know it's a successful vacation when nobody wants to leave.

It wasn't as if our departure was imminent, but it felt like it was. By the end of the second day we were all thinking of ways we could stretch it out, make it last. Other arrangements for Roman Baths and stone pillars began to fade a bit, because all we wanted to think of doing was being in Cornwall. 

If asked just what it is about Cornwall that makes us want to stay, I would have to tell you that it must be the Sea. The sea, and the sand, and the blue blue skies, and perhaps even the wind. It is everything around you as you walk and eat and play here. It is a lovely 'virus', this love of Cornwall, and the SconeLady contracted it long ago. Oops. It seems to be spreading. And if it is a virus, we certainly don't want any medication for it. 

Yet even with all of this, there does seem to be one teeny-tiny negative bit about being here. This little negative thing happened twice today, both times when one of us was enjoying the most delicious Cornish ice cream, in a cone. Cornish ice cream is second to none, and once you begin to lick it, you do not wish to stop. That is why what happened was so shocking and so horrid. The sea gull, a species of coastal bird whose members sometimes live to more than 50 years, have become very practiced at dive-bombing. They can snag a cone in one split second. Or a Pasty, as my sister well knows. One moment you are stretching your tongue out toward the delicious thing, and the next moment, all of it - cone and ice cream - are GONE. It is more than one small girl should have to endure.

These small but irksome adversities happened, yes, but are even now almost completely forgotten. This is because there are so many other good and sweet things to take in that help us to forget the bad and nasty ones. The whole experience has been just one huge welcome: the train, the cottage, the Sea and sand, the chocolate twists and croissants, the seafood, the walks, the scones/jam/cream, the church, the nice people we meet whilst waiting for delayed trains or cabs, and - well, each other. 'Each other' might, in fact, be the finest part of our Welcome here. Because it is lovely fun traveling with people who want to be traveled with, isn't it?

I could get addicted to that.

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

 Enjoying the Children's Corner during church

View from the Tippy-top

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