Sunday, April 28, 2019

On The Move Again

 My favorite view of St Ives, Cornwall

The suitcase lies open and filled, waiting to be deemed ready for flight. It has been patiently waiting there all week long, as I put things in and take them back out again. But even after all of that, there are still TOO MANY HEAVY THINGS INSIDE! I must fine-tune. 

All this frenetic activity is down to one thing, dear Readers: the gleaming gem of St Ives. Planning and packing is (nearly) behind me now, and it has become time to go. I have utterly stopped checking the weather for "home" (which is almost always accurate and a little bit boring) and have full-time gone over to checking the Cornish weather. It is different every time! Cornish weather is its own strange little self and I cannot micromanage it, however hard I may try.

While there, I will focus on two main things: waiting for an agent to pick up my new book, The House By The Side Of The Road, and continuing to write my second book. Want to know its title?!! I know it, but can't put it 'out there' yet. It's fun, though, lots of fun and I can't wait to sit down by the blue, blue seashore and type away. 

Besides those two things, I will -

*continue scoping the Cornish tea shops for a lovely cream tea
*walking miles each day, over the lush, green pathways on offer 
*being a 'Roadie' at my dear Mousehole Male Voice Choir's rehearsals and performances (there are 3 'Roadies', and we are faithful)
*renewing acquaintances with numerous Brits in and out of St Ives
*attending the Parish Church services, where excellence reigns
*blogging to YOU

And best of all treats, this trip will include our dear friend-Rosie and her Ted, along with "our Em". AND (drum roll), the Rather Stunning Son and his Darling wife! Oh, the fun we will have, tramping about, eating delicious food, marveling at the sky, and - laughing! There is always lots of that.

But uh-oh, I must make for the airport now - the clock is ticking! Once the enormous flight is over and I am aboard a train for all points Southwest, I will reappear. Keep watching! 

See you along the way!
the SconeLady

Josh, delivering his Cream Tea at The Digey

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