Monday, October 1, 2018

Iron Rations

The idea had come to me a few months ago while browsing "good walks in Cornwall". The good walks for me had to begin and end at, or near, St Ives. They had also to be in the 10 mile range, or below. They also needed to NOT include any sort or type of boulders. Never boulders. Boulders can become ankle busters, and we do not like them.

I wrote to friend Rosie, and we kept it in the backs of our minds for when she, and Ted, and Em, came. But for some reason she, and Ted, and Em, and I did not come upon the day or the time to do our splendid walk. Then they left for home, and the SconeLady's husband arrived, and well, WE would do it, I determined. WE could scope it out and see if it was reasonable. 

When the Saints had walked that path in their quest, no one had gone through it with bulldozers in order to 'clean it up' a bit for the tourists. Nothing had been nicely tidied, and the Saints had a tough time getting there. We knew that our Way would be easier. Not completely easy, mind you, but more easy than they.

And today was the day! We had found maps, and instructions, and suggestions from the locals (some of whom thought the idea a bit big, for us). Armed with all of this, we gathered up our Iron Rations and went on our way. 

What were these Iron Rations, you ask? In this case, they were apples, cheese, British crackers (delicious), and a gargantuan Cornish pasty. You can't get very far on the Cornish footpaths without one of those. We purchased ours from this fellow, here:

Pengenna Pasties

What a superb fellow he is! In fact, he is the nice Scottish man who represented the Choir on the Sunday they were all on holiday. He, also, is the man who did the Reading one Sunday, and won the hearts of many. We have gotten to know him a bit, and it is he who created today's humongous Cornish pasty.

Just take a look at the photographs from today. There were many, but I have picked out only a few. It was all beautiful. And none of it required combat boots. 

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ludgvan

 A man we met along the way, who gave us his maps

 Our goal! St Michaels Mount


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  1. My goodness, it is good to see St Michel's Mount from that photo-location! When you and I went several years ago, we walked the causeway along the shore, but this walk is gorgeous!!
    What a great project to do together, you and Craig! That nice man who gave you his maps was amazing... And, congratulations on making your goal! Mark-one up for the Yanks!